Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Way Down in the Rust Bucket (Box Set)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Way Down in the Rust Bucket (Box Set)

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GENRE: Classic Rock

FORMAT: LP x 4, Black Vinyl + CD x 2, DVD x 1

CAT No: 9362488817


Recorded on November 13th 1990 in Santa Cruz, CA, where the band were rehearsing for their upcoming Weld tour, Neil Young and Crazy Horse played a club show at The Catalyst which is now released here for the first time.

The show comprised three different sets along with a 12 minute encore of Cortez The Killer and all 3 sets including that encore are brought together here in over 2 hours of music.

Said to be one of the great live shows that Neil Young and Crazy Horse performed, the album includes live versions of songs from their Ragged Glory album, released just prior, along with classics from across their catalogue.


Side A:

01 Country Home

02 Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze

Side B:

01 Love To Burn

02 Days That Used To Be

03 Bite The Bullet


Side C:

01 Cinnamon Girl

02 Farmer John

03 Over And Over

Side D:

01 Danger Bird

02 Don’t Cry No Tears

03 Sedan Delivery


Side E:

01 Roll Another Number For The Road

02 Fuckin’ Up

03 T-Bone

Side F:

01 Homegrown

02 Mansion On The Hill


Side G:

01 Like A Hurricane

02 Love And Only Love

Side H:

01 Cortez The Killer

Tracklist as vinyl across two CDs

CD1 Tracks 1 – 11

CD2 Tracks 12 - 19

DVD Of The Concert – all the tracks plus also Cowgirl In The Sand