Radio Shows

Chris Oakes started a musical project circa 2011. Initially his son's band "Punch Drunk Monkey Club" rehearsed in the spare bedroom of his home in Bodicote, Oxfordshire and when they had gone home, Chris moved in and started producing his own music. The home studio was named The Strummer Room after the influential Clash frontman.

Pushkar Strum EP

Nepotism - It's All Relative

In 2013, Chris took over the organisation of Bodfest, a small village festival that included 17 local bands and musicians across two stages.This festival was broadcast live by Radio Horton.

This led to Chris setting up The Strummer Room Project with the aim of hosting and promoting live music events in Oxfordshire. He worked closely with Radio Horton and presented a weekly show featuring live studio interviews and performances with local bands and musicians. Many of these shows were recorded for posterity and can be listened to here: