Wire - Change Becomes Us

Wire - Change Becomes Us

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GENRE: New Wave, Punk, Post-Punk

FORMAT: 2 x LP, Vinyl



Repressed and no longer numbered or limited. 'Change Becomes Us' is the result of a resuscitated Wire (featuring original members Newman, Lewis and Robert Grey) taking on the results of writing sessions from the late 70s, works that stubbornly refused to die but also to mutate into fully-fledged Wire compositions.

The tendency of these new songs to refuse a single, settled identity is emblematic of the band's ever-evolving aesthetic - one that's always hinged on sustained tensions and oppositions: between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the comfortable and the unsettling, the melodic and the brutal, the cerebral and the visceral, the smart and the moronic, the obvious and the inscrutable, the rational and the absurd.


    1. - Doubles & Trebles
    2. - Keep Exhaling
    3. - Adore Your island
    4. - Re-Invent Your Second Wheel
    5. - Stealth of a Stork
    6. - B/W Silence
    7. - Time Lock Fog
    1. - Magic Bullet
    2. - Eels Sang
    3. - Love Bends
    4. - As We Go
    5. - & Much Besides
    6. - Attractive Space