Lead Belly - Black Betty (180g Double Vinyl LP)

Lead Belly - Black Betty (180g Double Vinyl LP)

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Despite endless battles with racial conflicts, quite a few black artists from the southern parts of the United States have found their way to success throughout the last century. One of the most influential is undoubtedly Lead Belly. Gifted with the ability to write thought-provoking lyrics, he became a true master of the folk and blues scene. The list of artists that have paid tribute to him by covering his songs is endless, among these are Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Animals, Bruce Springsteen and Lonnie Donegan to name but a few. Lead Belly left us with a huge recorded repertoire and many of his songs have now become well-known folk and blues songs. Discover 26 of his classics songs on this 2LP Gatefold 180g vinyl edition.

LP 1 Side One

1. Black Betty (1:55)
2. John Hardy (3:15)
3. Midnight Special (3:07)
4. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (3:03)
5. Alberta (3:12)
6. Rock Island Line (2:34)
7. Goodnight Irene (2:39)

LP 1 Side Two

1. Pick A Bale Of Cotton (2:59)
2. In New Orleans (House Of The Rising Sun. (3:17)
3. C.C. Rider (4:11)
4. When The Boys Were Out On The Western Plain (2:57)
5. Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard (2:27)
6. Sail On Little Girl (3:15)

LP 2 Side One

1. Take This Hammer (3:00)
2. New York City (3:01)
3. Packing Trunk Blues (2:57)
4. Cotton Fields (2:09)
5. The Bourgeois Blues (3:24)
6. Easy Rider (3:13)

LP 2 Side Two

1. Alabama Bound (3:05)
2. Blue Tail Fly (2:19)
3. Good Morning Blues (2:56)
4. Roberta (3:07)
5. Whoa Back, Buck (3:08)
6. T.B. Blues (3:11)
7. Bottle Up And Go (1:14)