Accent - Live at The Kings Head, Fulham - CD

Accent - Live at The Kings Head, Fulham - CD

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Accent (UK) , the first casual band, "a Jam style band practicing away in West London, loving punk, enjoying the post punk bands around at the time and getting into soul." For the first time in Cd (remastered) 13 tracks of this underrated band. Recorded Live in Fulham, 1984. Comes with a 8 page booklet, 14 tracks, remastered 2020.

Garry Bushell (then at Sounds) had championed the 2nd wave of Mod bands — Chords, Purple Hearts and we were pretty sure we could get him interested. The band produced a fanzine about themselves and casuals called ‘In The Crowd’.

Accent gigging around West London, Fulham Greyhound, upstairs at the Kings Head and they created the Casual Beat club where the crowd was more punky rabble than casual, but a few were passing by, most casuals were soul boys at the time.

The following Saturday  the band setting their equipment up on the pitch in front of the then main (east ) stand, ground starts to fill up, probably about 20,000 in at this point (about 2pm). Accent played 5 songs to a good response, polite round of applause and no abuse! Pat Nevin the only indie footballer of the day wrote about the performance, some major labels invited the band for demos, but the band only issued one 7'' "We are Lost" in 1984 by a indie label.


1-Enemy Of The State-

2-National Rail-

3-Heavy Heart-

4-You Better-

5-You Better (Continuation)-

6-Only For A Second-

7-The Happy Year-

8-Free To Cry-

9-The Plough Up On The Field-

10-British Soldier-

11-The Blue Royal Line-

12-An Ordinary Man-

13-We Are Lost-

14-Make It Clear-