Tess Of The Circle - Amplify (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

Tess Of The Circle - Amplify (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

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Amplify’ was released on 22nd April 2016, giving shades of 70’s rock fused with hints of post-grunge and alt indie.

This vinyl release is limited to 300 copies which are all individually numbered and signed by Tess Jones. The unique artwork for the album cover and reverse is both simple and yet striking and the 180g heavyweight vinyl itself comes in a plain white slipcase with accompanying numbered and signed lyric and credit sheet

‘Amplify’ is an incredible album, a brilliant fusion of musical styles over a hard rock foundation. Tess Jones looks deep inside himself to deliver songs of heart and soul that are delivered with utmost emotion and incredible skill by this superb band, Tess Of The Circle. All of this is lifted several notches by the vinyl listening experience which brings something almost primal to the party. A compelling release that must become part of any vinyl lovers collection. (ProgRadar.org)

A1 Love Is The Drug You Crave
A2 I'm Not Ashamed 2:37
A3 You Take Me Out Of My Head
A4 Believe (Into Her Arms) 5:21
A5 Mother, Daughter, Son 2:49
B1 Digging At My Bones 2:56
B2 Face The Changes 3:04
B3 Drowning Without You 4:01
B4 Summer Rain 3:46
B5 The Waves Break Us Down 2:19
B6 This Higher Ground 4:14