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Nervous SS / Rat Cage - Skopje vs Sheffield (Vinyl LP)

Nervous SS / Rat Cage - Skopje vs Sheffield (Vinyl LP)

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RELEASED: 19/03/2021

GENRE: Punk, Hardcore,  Alternative


CAT No: MUS231

RELEASED BY: La Vida Es Un Mus

It’s a stark and baron land out there right now. What we all need is some fucking loud, fast, uncompromising raw punk to drown out the constant bullshit being broadcasted as 2021 develops.  Both following up storming debut LP’s with five new tracks plus a local cover each, Nervous SS and Rat Cage clash head to head on this 12 song barrage of hell for leather punk rock.  The Nervous SS side (Skopje) undoubtedly wears a Totalitär influence on its sleeve, but combine that sweet sound with a complete powerhouse vocal bombardment that sets Nervous SS a cut above the rest. Flip to the Rat Cage side (Sheffield) for a rapid attack of Scandi riffs with the relentless urgency we’ve grown to know and love from the band. The side ends with a U.K. Subs cover, clearly displaying Rat Cage’s classic British Punk influence.  With Master dials set firmly to ‘destroy mode’, this record will be your saviour in these dark times. Crank it.


1. Nervous SS - Putrid Stench 
2. Nervous SS - Mortal Disdain
3. Nervous SS - Despair
4. Nervous SS - Gloom
5. Nervous SS - Deprivation Of Knowledge 
6. Nervous SS - Мртов Војник 
7. Rat Cage - Hypocrite City 
8. Rat Cage - Lost And Scared 
9. Rat Cage - Two To Eight
10. Rat Cage - Weapon Desire 
11. Rat Cage - Persecution
12. Rat Cage - Emotional Blackmail