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LÅRRY - NINES (12" Single)

LÅRRY - NINES (12" Single)

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RELEASED: 05/03/2021

GENRE: Electronic/Techno/Electro/IDM          

FORMAT: 12" Single

CAT No: AWK002

RELEASED BY: Awkwardly Social

 Special remarks: 12“ vinyl contains locked groove on B-side

Turning into a label and putting out our first record was an exhilarating process. Shoutouts again to everyone who’s bought Aroent’s “Eleese“ EP, gave it airplay or left positive feedback. All of this certainly left us hungry for more, which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce our next EP, AWK002 - “Nines“ by Lårry.

After solid recent releases on Super Hexagon and Fusion Diagnostics, our dear Lårry goes from strength to strength with this versatile and atmospheric four tracker. From idiosyncratic techno swirls to emotive peak time bangers, every track has its own story and character, all served with immaculate sound design and the inimitable Lårry touch. Without further ado, we’ll stop our excited rambles and let the music do the talking.


A1 - It’s Hard to Leave This Place
A2 - Emshen
B1 - Nines
B2 - What Can Be Done When Nothing Can Be Done