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RELEASED: 23/04/2021

GENRE: Ambient/IDM/Electronic

FORMAT: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album + Download

CAT No: MD295


First beat oriented Gimmik full-length in over 15 years.
Limited Edition double smoke vinyl w/download card.

Cloudwalker was entirely written and produced between March and November 2020. The album is a welcome return of Martin Haidinger's more notable style after the floating tranquility of the ambient/drone series of albums like Entre Les Chambres and Deux Nouvelles. What's contained within Cloudwalker mirrors its name. Haidinger takes Gimmik on a somewhat weightless journey above the clouds floating between the electronic music he nurtured in the Toytronic years.
These new tracks represent a production concept where Martin saw himself more like a witness of a moving organism than a planning architect. This approach gave the music the space to evolve more freely, like clouds. It broadened the emotional sound pallet of Gimmik's style without denying its heritage. The same philosophy was implemented when choosing the produc- tion tools, representing technology from 1958 to 2019, including field recording and manipulated real instruments.
The emphasis is clearly on songwriting rather than nano edits and ball bearings down stairs beats. The result is clean melodic electronica, bouncy Electro, engaging maternal downtempo, and expertly crafted modular synthesis. Every detail has the technical Haidinger approach with a strong focus on telling a story, leaving a lot of emotional space for the imagination of the listener. Cloudwalker is a confident and warm return to form from an artist that was sorely missed in his time away.


A1 Short Wave Memories
A2 Propylenglycol
A3 Patching Shadows
B1 Carters Final Transmission
B2 In My Family
B3 Decay Of A Ballblazer
B4 Walking on Wheels
C1 The Romance Of Ascending Echoes
C2 Voltage Controlled Organisims
C3 Sailing Everest (AH RMX)
C4 The Little Wave And The Sea
D1 All Around The Lake
D2 Divisions of Pi
D3 Cloudwalker