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Gang Of Four - Entertainment! (Brand New Vinyl LP)

Gang Of Four - Entertainment! (Brand New Vinyl LP)

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Debut album by the British post-punk band. Originally released in 1979, the album draws stylistically on punk rock but also incorporates the influence of funk, dance music, reggae and dub. Its lyrics and artwork reflected the band's left-wing political concerns. It would be an influential release in the burgeoning post-punk movement.


A1 Ether 3:05
A2 Natural's Not In It 3:05
A3 Not Great Men 3:05
A4 Damaged Goods 3:30
A5 Return The Gift 3:04
A6 Guns Before Butter 3:43
B1 I Found That Essence Rare 3:50
B2 Glass 2:37
B3 Contract 2:40
B4 At Home He's A Tourist 3:30
B5 5.45 3:40
B6 Love Like Anthrax 4:20