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Fashion - Product Perfect [RSD2021]

Fashion - Product Perfect [RSD2021]

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RELEASED: 12/06/2021

GENRE: Post-Punk, New Wave

FORMAT: LP, Green Vinyl

CAT No: LPMH8238


Rude Boy-Curious Post-Punk Lightning In A Bottle! '...all of these songs are based on post-Marcusian cliches sophisticated enough to get the average rock fan thinking hard, and some of them are based on post-Marcusian ideas sophisticated enough to get the average post-Marcusian thinking hard. Sounds unmusical but it isn't that either--the singing is clever and impassioned, the punkish, futuristic reggae-synthesizer fusion often catchy and always apt.' - Robert Christgau First ever LP reissue, on verduous green vinyl!


1. Product Perfect / 2. Die In The West / 3. Red, Green And Gold / 4. Burning Down / 5. Big John / Hanoi Annoys Me / Innocent / 6. Citinite / 7. Don’t Touch Me / 8. Bike Boys / 9. Fashion / 10. Technofascist