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Degiheugi – The Broken Symphony (Release: 05/2021)

Degiheugi – The Broken Symphony (Release: 05/2021)

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RELEASED: 07/05/2021

GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap

FORMAT: 2 x LP, Vinyl // CD

CAT No: XRPVY2101LP // XRPCD2101

RELEASED BY: X-Ray Production

For his third LP, Degiheugi, a very productive producer, returns with a magnificent and very well done cake. True goldsmith's work, The Broken Symphony is a pure jewel. Between rap, trip-hop and electro, Degiheugi is this time accompanied by rapper Ghostown, singer Nawelle and talented hacker L’omelette, already present on his previous opus Only after the Show. Produced under a Creative Commons license, The Broken Symphony is composed of assemblies and sound tinkering of all kinds reminiscent of a certain Wax Tailor, see Morcheeba on the excellent "My gypsy nights". But let's stop the quick comparisons there. Listen to The Broken Symphony once, then listen twice and then it becomes almost obsessive. The inspirations are numerous, coming as much from funk, jazz as from classical music or film scores (Morricone...). We are overwhelmed by hypnotic atmospheres, oceans of color and very real feelings. Floods of stories that incessantly appeal to the imagination as the musical richness and the quality of the production are taken care of. Very coherent, this “broken symphony” is crossed by the same breath, a melancholy spleen... The colours are dark certainly, but cut in the best velvet: warm and moiré. Dark and bright at the same time. Like the beautiful cover of this record, produced by Degiheugi.


1. 1, 2, 3... the Magic Number, 2.Brick Tones (feat. L’omelette), 3. Mes Nuits Tziganes (feat. Ghostown, Nawelle, Mo-te), 4. Danse Avec Moi, 5. La Fille À La Balançoire, 6. What If (Introduction), 7. What If (feat. Screenatorium), 8. Jessy, 9. The Broken Symphony, 10. Horror Scratchy Show, 11. Des Poèmes, 12. Blues and Sushi, 13. Night Black Crow - Part.1, 14. Night Black Crow  - Part. 2 (feat. Ghostown), 15. Dans Tout Les P'tits Bars, 16. L'improvisation Au Ukulele (feat. L’Omelette).