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Degiheugi - Abstract Symposium (Release: 05/2021)

Degiheugi - Abstract Symposium (Release: 05/2021)

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RELEASED: 07/05/2021

GENRE: Hip Hop, Rap

FORMAT: 2 x LP, Vinyl // CD

CAT No: XRPVY2102 // XRPCD2101

RELEASED BY: X-Ray Production

2 years after the excellent "The Broken Symphony", the wait is over. Degiheugi's fourth album, "Abstract Symposium" is an album that stands out from its predecessors. Indeed, if the beatmaker made himself known thanks to an essentially instrumental production, his latest effort goes against his whole approach. You will understand, the album is a vocal disc: a host of guests, for 16 strong character tracks. Don't panic, if you enjoyed the previous albums, it's a safe bet that this disc will delight your eardrums just like in the good old days. Understand by this that, even if the bias to put forward the voice can be risky for the solidity of the production of the sieur, the balance remains preserved. On the program, cuts, breaks, “triturage and assemblage”, which made it famous, all cleverly enriched by the vocal performances of the guests. Here the change is intelligent, it operates smoothly and surprises you when you least expect it, while preserving certain immutable bases which give this artist all his interest. Sometimes jazz, then hip-hop, or acoustic folk, "Abstract Symposium" is the album of diversity ... But can it be otherwise with Degiheugi?


A1. Time for Us feat. Screenatorium
A2. Abstract symposium part. 1 : The Dirty man
A3. Late At Night Feat. Nomad
A4. No Escape
 Feat Ghostown

B1. Abstract Symposium part. 2 : For Kid Only
B2. Mary Feat. Doctor Noodle
B3. Freedom Ring
B4. Laughing at, with you Feat. Nolto

C1. Work It
C2. Behind the Wall Feat. Kalyanka & Ghostown
C3. Keeping Memory Alive Feat. Nolto, Andrre, Astronautalis & Nomad
C4. Abstract Symposium Part. 3 : The Dirty man Feat. Ghostown

D1. Obscure Clarté Feat. Skap’1 & Doctor Noodle
D2. Abstract Symposium Part. 4 : Train Station
D3. Great Self Esteem Feat. Nolto & Mock
D4. Chickery Scratch