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CRAVEN FAULTS - Enclosures (Vinyl Mini LP)

CRAVEN FAULTS - Enclosures (Vinyl Mini LP)

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RELEASED: 23/04/2021

GENRE: Analogue, Electronic                  



RELEASED BY: The Leaf Label

*** Black vinyl second edition with revised artwork, released due to unprecedented demand ***

Enclosures follows Craven Faults’ debut album Erratics & Unconformities. These 37 minutes of music are the start of the next journey. New terrain and more refined methods of travel. Dark clouds gathering. We’re out of the blocks quickly. German engineering carries us swiftly across the moors on a Saturday night rendezvous. Two almost identical mushroom shaped rocks are the destination. There’s evidence of previous rituals carried out. Two hours due north we go in search of the power source. Cascading. An experiment in performance over a fixed point. Tape loops recorded in 1967 at The Philadelphia College of Art. Woodwind purchased from a charity shop in Yeadon. The concept of work was forgotten. We’re back on the millstone grit of the Mid Craven Fault for an exercise in simplification. Familiar territory. Sometimes the theory isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and there’s still power in hammering a single note over two chords – a lesson learnt from the American South in the late 40s and early 50s and boiled down in the late 60s. Olympic Sound Studios, April 1967. The Hit Factory, April 1969.

On Erratics & Unconformities, Craven Faults often found a calm inner space in the vistas. Here the tensions of the early EPs return, with a focus on how human ‘progress’ has impacted and shaped the landscape. How the land was divided now shapes our present and future, and retracing that journey is particularly pertinent.

This mini-album is Craven Faults’ second vinyl release on The Leaf Label. The first editions of Enclosures, released in November 2020, sold out on release, and this second edition on black vinyl with revised artwork is now available for those that missed out
Thirty-seven minutes of music over three epic tracks - longform analogue electronic journeys across the north of England
Watch James Islip’s hypnotic generative video for ‘Doubler Stones’ on YouTube. Debut album Erratics & Unconformities, released in January, hit the heights of number 16 in the Official UK Independent Chart, and number two in the Indie Breakers Chart. Erratic & Unconformities was awarded Norman Records’ Album of the Year Award, and it featured in the end of year lists for Bear Tree Records (#13), Love Record Stores (#52), Piccadilly (#42), Pie & Vinyl (Top 25), Resident (#7), South Records (#11) and Stranger Than Paradise

Support from Kieran Hebden, Mary Anne Hobbs, Demdike Stare, Dan Snaith, Graham Massey, James Holden, Gold Panda, Bill Kouligas, Luke Abbott, Not Waving, Alessandro Cortini, Steve Davis, Stuart Maconie, Resident Advisor, NTS, NPR and Beats In Space

on Enclosures:

  • “Rumours still abound about the identity of its creator, but who cares when the end results are as mesmeric and seductive as this?” 4/5 Mojo
  • “Expansive synth meditations both evoking the wide open spaces of the Yorkshire Dales and celebrating the area’s industrial past” 8/10 Uncut
  • “Three epics of electronic minimalism, imagining journeys across post-industrial Northern England” Resident Advisor
  • “Enclosures is a sweeping vista and a deep breath of fresh air” Echoes & Dust
  • On Craven Faults:
  • “Born and nurtured somewhere within the pioneering world of synth visionaries Stockhausen, Radiophonic Workshop, John Carpenter and The San Francisco Music Centre, this is music of pure quality” 10/10 DJ
  • “Immersive works that have been assembled by a painstaking master of his craft” 9/10 Long Live Vinyl
  • “Sprawling English kosmische” Boiler Room
  • “Craven Faults build a spacious world in which to lose yourself” The Vinyl Factory
  • “Regardless of who’s behind it all, if they carry on making music like this we’re happy to never find out who they really are” Electronic Sound


X1. Doubler Stones (10.20) X2. Hard Level Force (8.42) O. Weets Gate (17.16)