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Aura - Aura (Vinyl LP)

Aura - Aura (Vinyl LP)

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RELEASED: 26/03/2021

GENRE: Soul/Funk

FORMAT: LP, Black Vinyl


RELEASED BY: Aloha Got Soul

2021 repress with original cover art and original tracklist, including “Can’t Waste No Time”

Mike Lundy, Lemuria, Aura. This trifecta of inimitable Hawaiian acts descended upon Honolulu’s state-of-the-art Broad Recording Studio in late 1979 to create what have now become the most coveted Hawaiian funk/soul/jazz albums of the era.

 But whereas Lemuria functioned as a short-lived studio band and Mike Lundy saw little success from his album’s release, Aura — comprised of eight siblings from the Mendoza family — remained a key figure in the nightlife scene of Hawaii of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Each tune on their 1979 LP showcases the band’s unmatched musical talent that continues to astonish listeners in the 21st century, including Juno Records: “Raw funk… honey-coated soul… grooves and big smiles… lavish Hayes-level horns… dynamic and luxurious full-spectrum harmonies. Stunning.” Available on vinyl and digital for the first time since its initial release, Aura is a rare example of an album that in today’s crowded reissue landscape really does live up to its mystique.


1. I'll Remember You 2. Let Go, It's Over 3. Magic Lover 4. Yesterday's Love 5. No Beginning No End 6. Short and Sweet 7. Winds of Love 8. Let Me Say Dis About