Cassels - Foreword

Cassels - Foreword

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GENRE: Alternative/Indie


CAT No: BSM203

RELEASED BY: Big Scary Monsters

A compilation which gives you a glimpse of their musical journey to date. Featuring a collection of new and early material, it’s all now packaged up on vinyl for the first time, so something for old and new fans alike!

Dispensing with restrictive stuffy genres, the band bring you a challenging, hard-hitting sound that combines dense and poetic lyricism with pared-back, heavy and skilful instrumentation. A soundtrack to our changing times, Cassels are not for the closed minded, come in and take a listen.


1.The Weight
3.The World Doesn't Need Another You or Me
4.Sights for Sore Eyes
5.666 Feet
6.I Swipe Right
7.Hating is Easy
8.Flock Analogy
9.Beach Baby
11.Ignoring All the Tunnels and Lights
12.Well Fed Worms in a Graveyard
13.You Us and They
14.Cool Box