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British Sea Power - Open Season

British Sea Power - Open Season

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GENRE:  Indie rock, Alternative rock, Post-rock, Post-punk revival



RELEASED BY: Rough Trade

'Open Season' is the second album from British Sea Power and it's incredible piece of work. It epitomises everything that is great about pop music right now. literate, impassioned and full of tunes, it feels like the product of a band who know their time is finally now. British Sea Power have made an album that lies exactly midway between Julian Casablancas and Julian Cope - an album with both lustrous pop thrill and ambitious, intelligent rock scale. An album where they sing of girls and guillotines, love and Larsen B, the foremost of all the collapsing antarctic ice shelves


  • 1.It Ended on an Oily Stage
  • 2.Be Gone
  • 3.How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
  • 4.Like a Honeycomb
  • 5.Please Stand Up
  • 6.North Hanging Rock
  • 7.To Get to Sleep
  • 8.Victorian Ice
  • 9.Oh Larsen B
  • 10.The Land Beyond
  • 11.True Adventures