Blink-182 - Nine

Blink-182 - Nine

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GENRE: Rock, Pop-Punk

FORMAT: Vinyl, LP, Album

CAT No: 190759632314


Ninth studio album by the California rock heavyweights. Since their humble beginnings in 1992 in San Diego, blink-182 have sold over fifty million albums worldwide and rocked audiences around the globe, becoming one of the defining and inspirational rock bands of their generation. 'NINE' features the singles 'Blame It on My Youth', 'Generational Divide', 'Happy Days', 'Darkside' and 'I Really Wish I Hated You'.


  • 1.The First Time
  • 2.Happy Days
  • 3.Heaven
  • 4.Darkside
  • 5.Blame It On My Youth
  • 6.Generational Divide
  • 7.Run Away
  • 8.Black Rain
  • 9.I Really Wish I Hated You
  • 10.Pin the Grenade
  • 11.No Heart To Speak Of
  • 12.Ransom
  • 13.On Some Emo Shit
  • 14.Hungover You
  • 15.Remember To Forget Me