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Black Bone - Blessing In Diguise (Vinyl LP + CD)

Black Bone - Blessing In Diguise (Vinyl LP + CD)

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Comes on red vinyl (180g) including the album in CD format and a poster (double-sided). The package is limited to 500 pieces.

This album by the hard rock band 'Black Bone' is called "Blessing In Disguise" and the trio from Eindhofen absolutely kick it! The 11 track album doesn't need any filler and continues along the lines of the great forerunners "The New Rock'N'Roll Explosion"-EP (2011) and "Back To Mayhem" (2012). Recorded by Peter van Elderen (guitar player and front man of Peter Pan Speedrock) genre fans shouldn't miss this.

1 Nothing But History
2 Loaded - Weighted
3 Suicide (Ain't No Way Out)
4 Enemy
5 Wrong
6 Never Too Loud
7 Ashereah
8 You Gotta Nerve
9 Wasted Years
10 Save It For Tomorrow
11 Believe