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Anthony Manning - Islets In Pink Polypropylene

Anthony Manning - Islets In Pink Polypropylene

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RELEASED: 26/03/2021

GENRE: Techno/Ambient/IDM

FORMAT: Vinyl LP, half speed mastering

CAT No: MG132

RELEASED BY: Mental Groove Records

Amazing and legendary 1994 album on the equally amazing and legendary Irdial Disc label, remastered at Emil Berliner Studios in half speed mastering. LP,  half speed mastering.

"The 50 best IDM albums of all time" Pitchfork 

"A liquidy headbox of aural shapes, whose forms hardly change yet seem to encompass infinite viscosity within them, like rainbow pools of oil on water" Wire

"Before IDM became a nation of Aphex and Autechre cosplayers, the genre was less defined by aesthetics than by a shared ideology. Here was a loosely connected axis of post-rave kids, united by little more than a shared willingness to subvert the tools of their techno idols and create sounds that hadn't previously been imagined. No record of the era better embodies this find-a-machine-and-freak-it ethos than Islets in Pink Polypropylene, the otherworldly debut by British producer Anthony Manning." Pitchfork. 

"It’s refreshing to hear an all-electronic album that sounds so organic yet so totally alien." Fact

"One of the UK’s first post-rave ambient records proper; sharing much more in common with Autechre’s Amber or AFX’s Selected Ambient Works Vol. II - which were both released in that same year - than anything else before or around it." Boomkat


A1        Untitled
A2        Untitled
B1        Untitled
B2        Untitled
B3        Untitled