Vinyl Saturdays

A fantastic event for music enthusiasts! Vinyl Saturdays at our shop in Cherwell Business Village, Banbury, offer a great opportunity for customers to expand their record and CD collections at affordable prices. With thousands of 7" and 12" singles available for just £1 each or 15 for £10, it's a bargain for vinyl lovers. Additionally, LPs are priced at £3 each or 4 for £10, and CDs are incredibly affordable at only 25p each or 5 for £1.

The event provides a unique experience by raiding our storage facility and offering music-related items that are not typically found in our regular store or online inventory. This adds an element of surprise and excitement for customers looking for rare or unique finds.

Furthermore, in addition to the Vinyl Saturday specials, our shop remains open as usual with a vast selection of new and preowned vinyl records that cater to various musical tastes and budgets. This ensures that customers have a wide range of options to explore and find your favourite music.

Vinyl Saturdays offer music enthusiasts a chance to enhance their collections without breaking the bank. It's a great initiative that brings together music lovers and provides an exciting shopping experience.

2023 Vinyl Saturday's

  • Saturday 4th February
  • Saturday 4th March
  • Saturday 1st April
  • Saturday 6th May
  • Saturday 1st July
  • Saturday 5th August
  • Saturday 2nd September
  • Saturday 7th October
  • Saturday 4th November
  • Saturday 2nd December

Dates subject to change