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All you need to know about Record Store Day at Strummer Room Records...

On this page you will find all you need to know about shopping at Strummer Room Records this year, including the all-important safety guidelines



 Shopping Guidelines

 Please take a moment to read through our RSD Shopping Guidelines. Safety is our top priority and we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines on the day to help ensure the wellbeing of everyone.

  1. Our shop will open from 8am for Drop 2.
  2. We will continue to adhere to Covid-19 health & safety advice for Drop 2, we are operating an appointment system to prevent queuing.
  3. We, and our neighbours adhere to Public Health England guidelines, which requires maintaining a 1m distance with other people and wearing a face covering in store, at all times (no exceptions).
  4. Our shop is situated inside a large building. Some queuing may occur outside of the building. The queue will be marshalled by our staff.
  5. Please ensure that you use either the disposable gloves provided and/or hand-sanitizer prior to touching anything within our shop.
  6. Only one copy of a release per person. To be fair to all we have to prohibit multiple buys of the same release.
  7. Strictly first come, first served - no customer reservations.
  8. To help us manage the safe capacity of the store, we kindly ask that you are prompt with your custom, helping us ensure everyone receives service, as fast as possible.
  9. As it will be a busy day with unprecedented requirements, we kindly ask that you are patient and courteous to all our staff members and other customers.

Please note these guidelines are subject to change in line with any updated government guidance. We will keep you informed of any changes that may occur in the run up to the event on Saturday 17th July.


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