Goat Girl - Goat Girl

Goat Girl - Goat Girl

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GENRE: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk

FORMAT: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Violet, Gatefold


RELEASED BY: Rough Trade

Goat Girl's triumphant self-titled debut album. Available here on limited violet-coloured LP, black LP and CD.

Across 19 tracks in just 40 minutes, Goat Girl’s self-titled debut creates a half-fantasy world out of a very dirty, ugly city reality. Goat Girl belong to a burgeoning, close-knit south London scene, born in venues like The Windmill in Brixton and including bands like Shame, Bat-Bike, Madonnatron, Horsey, Sorry, and many more. Goat Girl enlisted producer Dan Carey (The Kills, Bat For Lashes, Franz Ferdinand) to help them capture their vision, set a goal to write and record a piece of music in a day in effort to capture that raw first-creation moment, and chose to record to tape.

It’s a very English album - sharp-eyed observations like The Kinks, louche rage like The Slits - but it’s also full of swampy, swaggering guitars and singer Lottie’s filthy drawl. Each member brings a diverse range of influences and contributions, ranging from krautrock to bossa nova, jazz to blues. They resist being boxed in to an indie, guitar-based genre, and focused intensely on the layers and textures of each song as well as the different contexts they could sit within. The result, Goat Girl, succeeds in conjuring a complete world all unto itself, and is arranged in segments - divided by improvised interludes - that offer glimpses of an even stranger parallel universe.


A1 Salty Sounds 1:07
A2 Burn The Stake 2:40
A3 Creep 2:21
A4 Viper Fish 3:50
A5 A Swamp Dogs Tale 1:21
A6 Cracker Drool 2:38
A7 Slowly Reclines 2:30
A8 The Man With No Heart Or Brain 1:32
A9 Moonlit Monkey 0:40
B1 The Man 3:10
B2 Lay Down 2:50
B3 I Don't Care Part 1 2:08
B4 Hanks Theme 0:47
B5 I Don't Care Part 2 2:51
B6 Throw Me A Bone 2:27
B7 Dance Of Dirty Leftovers 0:46
B8 Little Liar 1:44
B9 Country Sleaze 1:48
B10 Tomorrow 2:54