British Sea Power - Machineries Of Joy

British Sea Power - Machineries Of Joy

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GENRE:  Indie rock, Alternative rock, Post-rock, Post-punk revival

FORMAT: Vinyl, LP + CD


RELEASED BY: Rough Trade

British Sea Power release new album 'Machineries Of Joy' on Rough Trade Records. 'Machineries Of Joy' is British Sea Power's fifth album - seventh including film soundtracks. The album was worked up in the Berwyn mountains in North Wales and recorded in Brighton with the engineer Dan Swift, produced by British Sea Power. The album was mixed by Ken Thomas in rural Hampshire and in Castleford in West Yorkshire. Ken has previously worked with musicians including David Bowie, Wire, Queen, PiL and Sigur Ros. The album is warm and restorative. Various things are touched on in the words - Franciscan monks, ketamine and French female bodybuilders turned erotic movie stars. Just another day at the office for British Sea Power.Vinyl includes CD Version.


  1. machineries of joy
  2. k hole
  3. hail holy queen
  4. loving animals
  5. what you need the most
  6. monsters of sunderland
  7. spring has sprung
  8. radio goddard
  9. a light above
  10. descending
  11. when a warm wind blows through the grass